There Must Be More To Life Than This

This is an extract of the ninth and final story from the series Short Stories and Other Things… 

There Must Be More To Life Than This (extract)

That day I was Freddie Mercury, but I don’t own a guitar so I played the air instead. With my hip-shaking and my perma-tan the crowd loves me.

As they roar incessantly I have the time of my life. The shopkeeper refuses to play Brian May, just hands me back my change. “Have a nice day, Mr. Mercury”, he says and turns around to serve Brenda, my next-door neighbour.

It was a day like any other.
As I leave the shop, he claps twice then half-extends his arms, palms facing out. I guess he never learnt how to rock, man.
I’m walking to the station when I see her standing on her usual corner, performing to perfection the job she’s getting paid to do. Her mini-dress and exposed flesh defy the chill in the spring air and I admire her persistence. I could be that woman, except she’s holding a sign that reads Burger King open as usual. Next to her, a guy holds a sign that offers air-guitar lessons. Perhaps one day I’ll pluck up the courage to learn for real, but for now I’m content to carry on being Freddie Mercury, hoping no-one notices when I mistake D for G on my air-guitar. I just wish I had my Brian May, but that day I’d split up with my boyfriend so I was pretty much alone.[…]

click here to download the full version: There Must Be More 

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