Living the everyday

A quick-fire, immediate response to the last post. An exercise analysing the everyday through the lists I make, every single day…


7:45 pick up Paddy – Joely card details, call Owen Plumber

8:45 shower

9:30 find back up disk

9:45 email Alan, email evergreen, order b&q hooks, call surrey CRC – 

10:15 change FF membership, call  heals & IKEA, call cleaners, call dale express

order next cushions

checar liberacion Fonca 2010 y 2011

12:30 llamar Ana. 

13:15 apply for residencies – till 10th March

14:30 house stuff – empty boxes, unblock pipe,  plants

17:45 sort out papers,

18:30 make sandwiches

sort out joint account: £20 from aunt, 

wardrobe delivery

19:00  IKEA*- take ticket and returns, 

*returns, storage for wardrobe, plants, skubb boxes



8:45 change, saw button, book gym

9:15 re: Jo email

9:30 residencies  – apply

11:45 work

13:00 study driving test

14:00 buisness plan draft

14:30 plan Bigfoot lesson, upload plinth photos, update blog

16:45  (Owen), call to register electricals

17:15 walk

18:00 shower

18:30 new work & schedule next week

19:30 re: Janine

19:45  find back up disk,

20:00 dinner

study driving test

21:00 check out:

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