Things I found in Bolton

For Bolton, a town “up North”. These “uncreative” poems reflect my views only and are the result of a 20 min walk down the high street & The Market Place shopping mall. They’re not intended as criticism, but as an insight into Bolton’s people through it’s shops, walker-byes and town centre. The feeling of hopelessness and recession was palpable, at least to me.

Bolton has:                                                                       

Large casinos and betting shops                                                  
Hot Diggidi Dogs                                                                   
A kitten on a leash                                                               
Gilrs in skimpy tops                                                             
Rubbish-strewn roads                                                             
Plenty of empty shops                                                           
A Costa, a Nero and Starbucks, the usual stuff

Bolton doesn't have:

24 degrees in the sun
An expensive lingerie shop
Anything posh
A Rymans
Many young people
A decent pub!

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